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Associate Professor at the Web & Media group, Department of Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Within the framework of the Network Institute I am involved in several research projects for (1) semantic search and recommendation systems and (2) event-driven access to multimedia collections online in the domains of digital humanities, cultural heritage, interactive TV.


Creating serendipity (i.e. “pleasant surprises for users”) is a primary goal of intelligent recommender systems. This project proposes an interdisciplinary approach to enhance the serendipity of TV recommendations that combines complementary knowledge from three disciplines – Computer Science, Language & Cognition and Communication Science.

The project examines the “back-end” or algorithms behind serendipitous TV recommendations (Computer Science), the “front-end” or the actual display of these recommendations (Language & Cognition), and the “effect” on users’ perceptions and satisfaction (Communication Science).

Stay tuned at: @SirupProject, #sirup-project

SIRUP Kick-off

Today we had the kick off of this very exciting project collaboration between Computer Scientists, Language & Cognition and Communication Sciences to study in an interdisciplinary setting  ways to enhance the serendipity of TV recommendations.