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Network Institute poster session

Today, we will present our SIRUP project at the Network Institute poster session.  Central to our presentation is the question of how we will create the experience of serendipity in a user through a recommendation provided by the recommender system. If you want to find out, come check out our poster (VU University Amsterdam, April 15, 16.00-17.30, Intertain Lab, W&N Building S1.11) or take a look at our poster below.

SIRUP - Network Institute poster session


Theoretical model

Serendipity is making a pleasant and relevant discovery that was unexpected. In SIRUP we argue that a serendipitous recommendation primarily induces interest in a user. Hence, serendipitous recommendations are those that trigger interest in users.

Building on the classic theory of interest by Daniel E. Berlyne and the follow-up work by Paul Silvia, we argue that user interest, and thus serendipity, is determined by two things: novelty (inherent to the recommendation) and coping potential (inherent to the user). Novelty, in turn, is determined by the complexity, familiarity and conflict characteristics of the recommended item.

Based on this logic, we present SIRUP’s theoretical model:

Theoretical model

Pre-study online now

How  can  we  enhance  serendipity  in  user recommendations?  After an intense period of theorizing, conceptualizing, and preparing the stimulus material, the first preliminary study of the SIRUP project is online now! The first data begin to trickle in and soon we will be able to present the very first results of our project. Want to know more about the things that we have been working on? Come and take a look (and oh yes: participate) here.